5 VIC-20 Docs you should have

Every VIC-20 programmer needs a few tools to get the most out of this 8-bit machine by Commodore. The following books are available on the web in PDF/eBook format, so very handy to use for coding or enhancing existing programs.

Discover your VIC-20

A Beginners Guide to Real Programming

Remember the manual that came in the box with your VIC-20? This is its natural evolution. A step by step guide to VIC-20 programming, for absolute beginners (old school way).

Book teaches the basic programming, variables, loops and covers VIC specific topics such as colors, music, and defining custom designed characters.

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VIC-20 Programmer’s Reference Guide

A more technical book about programming the VIC-20. Useful info in the appendixes. The book to have when you already know what you’re doing.

It covers also machine language programming and advanced I/O operations such as user port and other peripherals. Plus a handful of appendixes with ASCII and CHR codes.

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Programming the VIC

Useful techinques and utilities to do more with your VIC-20. Covers most technical aspects as memory management, character maps, color maps, etc. Chepter 6 “Beyond VIC Basic” teaches you all tricks you can dream of such as managing keyboard buffer, moving memory, dumping data.
Highly recommended.

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VIC-20 Memory Map

The complete list of all the POKE/PEEK addresses for every possible special task. This is absolutely a must have! TXT format.

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RS232 Interface

If you plan to use the VIC-20 for communicating (did you read our tutorial on connecting two VIC-20 for playing yet?) this is the guide that explains all the mysterious parameters to set the connection up.

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