This is a very good porting of a classic arcade game, which we all have loved in arcades and bars back in the 80s.

The game is structured in 3 different levels. In each level you have to collect items dropped by Olivia. You have to avoid Bluto and objects thrown by the evil witch. You can power up by eating spinach (Use FIRE to punch the green spinach can) and you have a limited time for kicking Bluto out.

As a former player of the arcade version and the C64 port, I can say that this one’s difficulty is slightly higher. I had to repeatedly use QuickSnapshot save/load multuple times to reach level 3 for the first time, while it should be rather easy for a skilled player. As you might know, once you finish level 3 the three levels will repeat at higher difficulty. Nevertheless, this is an awesome game for the VIC-20 platform, so if you loved the original arcade I strongly recommend to dowload this one and have it in yor collection.

This game was made in 2015 for the VIC-20 with 32K expansion (blocks 1,2,3 and 5). I have tried it also on a physical VIC equipped with a switchable memory expansion but it runs smoothly on the VICE emulator where you have also the QuickSnapshot functions to help you advance levels.

You can download the game in .d64 format for free by following the below link:


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