Freshly published, Triangular μOS is a graphical GUI including disk tools, apps and games for the 24K expanded VIC-20. Here is my test run.

We are accustomed to the welcoming READY. prompt of the basic, but what if the Commodore VIC-20 would boot up like modern PCs do? This seems what Triangular μOS is meant to do: fill a generational gap and provide a sort of point-and click environment to perform basic tasks, with the option to switch to the ordinary BASIC environment.

The OS comes in a prepackaged .d64 diskette image that you can download here, zipped together with the PDF documentation and a blank diskette image for storing your work. This test is made on version 1.19.

Running it on the emulator

In order to test it, I attached the diskette image to the number “8” drive of the emulator by pressing Alt-8, then I ran it using the ordinary LOAD”*”,8 and RUN.

After a splash screen, you have can optionally switch to a sort of general configuration of the environment, useful for specifying which diskette drive contains the OS diskette and which one is the “work” drive, that is contains a formatted diskette for storing your work. Here, I attached the blank diskette image to drive with device number 9 with Alt-9 before proceeding.

The the graphical GUI starts and yu are presented with widgets containing all the package has to offer: A command tool, apps, games and the settings panel.

Apps – will bring you to a set of tools such as Math, a scientific calculator, a Word Processor, an assembly Monitor, a simple Synth for producing sounds.

This VIC – will provide a screen for customizing disk drives numbers, environment colors and system time.

Games – will offer four games: Star Wars, Breakout, Sim City and a Race game. To me, Sim City was the most interesting, even though I could not play it much yet, I feel like I want to try it again later.



TRIANGULAR μOS looks like well packaged and nice to try out. An option to run programs installed in the “work” drive it would be a great addition, unless you are happy with the few options available from the OS disk.

This package would have been handy to have in a cartridge in order to show up at power on, more or less like the graphical GUI of the penultimate cartridge does.

Anyway, it was nice to see the VIC-20 reinterpreted as a new generation platform.

You can check out a whole test video below.

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