VIC20 16k Games Collection 1-A

This first games collection is for the Commodore VIC-20 with 16k expansion (it runs also on emulators)

Includes the following games:

    1. ARGONAUTS (Xeno II)
    2. DEFENDA (Defender clone)
    3. TRAXX (Amidar clone)
    5. MARTIAN RAIDER (Scramble clone)
    6. ARCADIA
    7. COUNTRY GARDEN (Centipede clone)
    8. BONGO (aka. Bonzo)
    9. LUCKY SLOT (Italian language)
    10. VOYAGER (Italian language)
    11. BOSS CHESS
    12. ESPLORATORE COSMICO (aka. Jetpac)
    14. MISTERO A VILLA MARTINI (Italian language)

Load and run the MENU program with: LOAD “MENU*”,8 and RUN to launch each game with ease.


Please let us know what is your most favorite in the comments, and don’t miss to get also the second part of this great collection!

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