VIC20 16k Games Collection 1-B

If you enjoyed the first part of the VIC20 16k Games Collection here is the second part (actually the second side of the original double side diskette) with more hand-picked games chosen from the best ones. They are all designed to run on a 16K expanded VIC-20 (also emulated):

  1. TRIDER (Tank Commander – 1 or 2 players, keyboard or joystick)
  3. VOLEUR (Villain)
  4. OPTIX (Laser Zone)
  5. TURBOJET (Time Destroyers)
  6. HISS (clone di Nibbler)
  7. KONAN (Four Gates to Freedom)
  8. ORIGON-3
  9. TOGO (Q*Bert)
  10. FONZI (Bongo)
  11. DRINKY (The Perils of Willy)

Load and run the MENU program wth LOAD “MENU*”,8 then RUN to execute every game easily.

[Download] Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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